Cutting & Grinding Disc


Highest precision on cutting.

The use of special fiberglass reinforcement.

Finest abrasive de-ionized (Fe+Ci+S<0, 1%) with surface heat treating.

Specific resin and chemical additives.

High safety standards and best performance.

Made in Italy

Item No. Model Qly per Carton
NTA-2830 115x3.0x22.23mm 300 Pcs
NTA-2831 180x3.0x22.23mm 100 Pcs
NTA-2850 115x6.0x22.23mm 200 Pcs
NTA-2851 180x6.0x22.23mm 50 Pcs
NTA-2860 115x3.0x22.23mm 300 Pcs
NTA-2861 230x3.0x22.23mm 100 Pcs
NTA-2880 115x1.0x22.23mm 300 Pcs
NTA-2883 180x1.6x22.23mm 150 Pcs
NTA-2835 350x3.0x25.4mm 20 Pcs