About us
We are producing tools… the best tools…
Our mission in NOVA Co. is presenting tools which can confront any challenge. You are a mechanic, architect, carpenter, electricians, or you are just a fan of tools, any job you have, rest assured that NOVA is the best choice for you. We have the tools for every work.
Our effort in tools industry is to make pure ideas come true. With a suitable combination of quality and price, NOVA products attract Iranian consumers’ satisfaction. Then, whenever they see NOVA name on any tool, they will be assured that not only they lose anything, but also they gain a lot.
Our emphasis is on quality, usefulness and confidence. To reach these goals, we are constantly looking for innovation in production technology.
With this idea in head and many years of experience in hand, and considering Iran’s market requests, we have acted to supply and distribute tools with NOVA brand by choosing among more than 210 of the best and the most famous manufacturers from different countries all over the world. Products from the best factories in Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, China, etc. are the proofs for such claim.
We believe that the key to reach success is to know the needs and ideals of consumers.
Our commitment is the presentation of the best quality products, customer’s satisfaction and constant improvement in our profession. Accordingly we had a big step forward making our tools complete in accordance with our customers’ needs. We have tried our best to reach our consumers to what they deserve and make NOVA to be known as a measure for quality and usefulness among consumers.
And this is what we do…
We produce tool…
A real tool.